Short update regarding 0.5 (Soon™)


Just dropping in to say that I'm not dead. Still working on 0.5.

It is mostly finished by now, and we're approaching editing. There's some writing to be done still, but it's not a lot.

It'll be the largest update yet by quite a bit. There's a ton of new assets (new outfits, expressions, poses, backgrounds and even new CGs), and more story than in any previous update. The takeaway on the story part is that I've had to rewrite the story a few times for 0.5, eventually as some of you might have noticed, deciding to remove Nick's route for now and readding it at a later point. 

I've also had to cut some content from 0.5 and move it to 0.6. This is because all in all 0.5's story was about the be about 50k words pre-editing. That's just shy of your average book. So you might notice that 0.5 doesn't have all that all around flavour that for example Chapter 2 does, and instead focuses a lot on moving the story forward. 

That'll all be returning to normal come Chapter 4.

Anywho, that's me done rambling and excusing myself for taking ages to finish writing the update. I'll be with you soon™ (hopefully this week) with the actual update.

Over and out.


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I would say just remove nick as a dateable, instead add max the dragon. Humans are hardly fantasy and if I wanted to date one in a vn I would read a human vn dating sim. (Not sarcastic even know the above looks that way just stating what I feel). But other than that I love the art and writing of this vn