0.6 Release!

Hello! GruntSteel here finally with Distant Travels 0.6

This update will include Ch3 for John, as well as a multitude of behind-the-scenes and more visible fixes and changes. 
To summarize, UI and sprite art has been updated for most characters to look cleaner and I've gone through the story and fixed a multitude of spelling errors and other issues. There's also new songs, CGs and what not.

Originally, I wanted to include Ch4 for John and Mike as well, but I decided to push it a little bit longer so I can polish it up better. I'm also sure there'll be new issues with the major changes done to all the code in this update, regardless of my testing.

Please note that I've added CGs for the common route (all routes) in ch3. If you're already on Mike's route, replaying Ch3 might unlock a new CG or two. 

Notably, this includes a CG by the one and only GigaSaddle 🔞🖌️ (@GigaSaddle) / Twitter So I highly recommend you go and check it out.
As well as a CG by another guest artist, SirDrakes64. 

With that said; Enjoy! More to come, soon, seeing as my real life troubles have begun to fade away.

And here's some attempt at a changelog, but I took too long on this update to make a proper one. There's no specific order and there are spoilers below.

  • Characters now blink in sync with side sprites [Thanks Wattson!]
  • Every sprite has been shrunk in size by 10% for more clarity when multiple characters are shown on screen.
  • Blurred backgrounds for when choices are made. 
  • Moved from Composites to Layered images for all characters. Hopefully this fixes the "random naked Rex" issue, and futureproofs more additions. This also helps improve for example Charles code.
  • In addition, all 3 ROs have had their graphics updated and their clothing is now more or less modular, being each piece goes with other pieces regardless of getup.
  • Fixed the SFW/NSFW CG properly showing the correct version in Mike's route Ch3.
  • Flattened Julias & Mikes sprite for that one scene in Mike Route Ch3 where they appear in the observation deck.
  • Fixed Mike's hat for sprites where he has his ears down.
  • Fixed Charles' robe being asymmetrical.
  • Fixed animations for and transitions in some scenes to make them smoother. Mainly Ch3.
  • Fixed song timings and fadeins / fadeouts as well as a missing song in Ch3 during Bruce's sequence.
  • Added a bunch of new characters, sadly they are not really in the story yet, so you'll have to wait and see. (Or extract and snoop.)
  • Rewrote the memories screen to work with layered images
  • Fixed bugs that would make the high gfx mode always enabled for memories screen, this should fix fps issues for people on lowgfx mode on this screen.
  • New music for the lazer tag scene, as well as some fancy channeling to make the muffeled version seamless (thanks for the Idea and song, Camazule!)
  • Updated the UI with help from Bara-Diction.
  • Added John's Sprite Gallery
  • Added the communicator band sprite, for when on the Firefly.
  • You now have the choice to kiss Mike or not during his route in Ch3.
  • There are a few more choices added to Ch3 that impact Rex's storyline on John's route.
  • Made it a choice to listen to Charles talk about extradimensional energy, or not to.
  • Fixed loading of some backgrounds by making them composites instead of layers.
  • Reread the entire story and edited things to make them flow better.
  • Updated the phone call sound.
  • Updated the font choice for the GUI.
  • About a billion spelling errors and other things. Game is just more properly built now.
  • Something about a new credits screen?
  • Something about a new intro. $ persistent.ch4menubg = True for those so inclined. It's pretty awesome.


DistantTravels-0.6-win.zip 410 MB
Jan 07, 2022
DistantTravels-0.6-mac.zip 406 MB
Jan 07, 2022
DistantTravels-0.6-linux.tar.bz2 404 MB
Jan 07, 2022
Distant Travels 0.6 Android - Newer Phones 412 MB
Jan 07, 2022
Distant Travels 0.6 Android - Older Phones 413 MB
Jan 07, 2022
Distant Travels 0.6 Android - For Emulators or Weird Phones 414 MB
Jan 07, 2022

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Deleted post

Wow buddy, I was SO wating for this! I'm so excited right now! I've been missing those boys a lot!


random question, is there a update schedule or is it just when they are ready? :3 

Hi! It's whenever it's ready. This last one took a long time due to a job change, health concerns and more stuff. Usually it's every second month or so, and I expect the next update do be out at the start of March.

This last time he said he actually had like a few updates worth of material done but he wanted to keep writing instead of polishing it for the builds. So that's why we got a pretty big update suddenly




Read till 2 am, had to quit and go sleep because too tired to read. Then read another half hour in the morning. LONG


absolute pain…no Charles update


Sorry, sorry! He'll get a large one when it's time for his update. Ch 3 + 4 and probably pieces of Ch 5.
I do it this way since Charles takes some extra care to write properly, so it's flows much better if I write a bunch at once where it's *all Charles* I'm writing.


It’s okay! I really like how in depth his writing his, and a long, good quality wait is better than a rushed one! Thanks! :)




Well fudge, fixed the issue with the textbox and reuploading. Should be fixed in 5 minutes.