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About the Story

Distant Travels is a sci-fi visual novel focused on the theme of Quantum Entanglement, and the question - can feelings be entangled?

With scars of the past, and recurring dreams that seem as they're about someone you know. And the looming threat of the Endless White consuming the world..

But wait. You're just you. A network tech working a job with little prospects of moving on... Until, there's a job opportunity.

Will this job lead you to a better life or just lead you to feel the same failure you once felt?

Support  Development

While I definitely will finish this game regardless, if you wish to support development you can do so by  throwing a few bucks my way using Ko-Fi ( https://ko-fi.com/gruntsteel )
Every tip will go directly towards art for the game.

More & Credits

There are some wonderful people in the world, and some of the most amazing people have been helping me with this. You're all my dear friends, and I'm happy to have you!

If some of their art or works inspire you, check them out! They're all wonderful people. 

Strawberry Cheetah - The original artist of the project, he's been creating a ton of sprites for me, and while now legacy still truly the base of the project. Kind beyond what I could ever have imagined.

Drakes - The new main artist of the project. Keep on keeping on. Most of you already know him, and if you don't: check out his game(s) here on itch!

Ven, who mostly hangs around discord. Ven has designed a few sprites for me so far, and they are all amazing. Keep on keeping on, Ven!

Shin - Who gives constructive feedback and helps where needed. Thank you!

Camazule - Has made the complete soundtrack for the game, check him out!

Wattson - For helping me out whenever I get stuck on any code.

And finally, there are more people who have done a lot of work helping me proofread and work on grammar, as well as given me input on scenes and works. You're all amazing, and I'm not forgetting you. This list is ever expanding.


Recently, we've moved from the DT discord to the limits discord. We have our own little section that you'll have to opt in to join (just react in the appopriate channel #ship-rules) Feel free to join and chat, just make sure you follow the rules.


Most assets and artwork for the game is made by the team, however there are still a few attributions to make such as;
Upkylak, Vectorpouch and Vectorpocket on freepik.com

Mixkit.co and zapsplat.com for a select few sound effects and a music track.

Ren'py (renpy.org) for the renpy engine that the game runs on.


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(592 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Furry, Gay, LGBT, philosophical, Romance, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast, One button


DistantTravels-0.7-win.zip 391 MB
distanttravels.android-release.apk 413 MB
DistantTravels-0.7-mac.zip 386 MB
DistantTravels-0.7-linux.tar.bz2 384 MB

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hi I'm stuck I don't have how to get his images can someone help me please

Holy fuck I'm in love with this VN. Without too much given away, my heart absolutely broke. You know what you did. 馃槕

Still such an amazing story so far! I absolutely need more! 馃挅


This game is amazing, if there is any way I can donate to you just say it.  Sorry for the English, I'm using the translator
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Thank you! I appreciate it. If you wish to help donate for more CG art in the game you can do so through ko-fi 
Although just the encouragement is enough, I read and appreciate every comment.


Any news on the next update? There hasn't been an update since February 2023...


Still a while out, life's been... life-y. Sorry.


But it's still in the works, right? Then it's okay! :)


It is! My goal is to have the entire Mike route out before summer is over. Hopefully I'll make it, if not, I'll just keep working.


Love it Love it Love !! Great writing, cool characters, nice music and an exciting story ! 10/10 <3 

Thank you !! 


Give us a peek sometime.


I love how theres a song called "bear naked"

Deleted post


I'm very new to it, am only on chapter 3 rn, but I am just absolutely in love with the characters and story so far! There's so much to love here, and I really hope you're doing ok Mr.  GruntSteel. I know the making of these fine novels can be exhausting, not to mention having to maintain a full-time job and all the other things that come w/ adulthood. But I just wanted to thank you for creating such a fine piece of artwork! Keep up the great work sir, you're doing amazing! I'll  be sure to donate some money ^^ Emoji Heart Sticker Love Emoticon PNG - art emoji, desktop wallpaper, emoji,  emoticon, face | Heart emoji stickers, Pink heart emoji, Emoticon love


I just started playing this and immediately Charles caught my attention I can't wait for his route!!

Although I will say John is a sweetheart and definitely a close second but Charles definitely has a way of words.




I'm alive, I'm alive. Writing on it slowly but surely. Next update will likely be all of Mike's route (to the very end) and part of Charles' route.

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:) 鉂わ笍 all of Mikes route :000 bless


any updates?


Still here, working ever so slowly. Life being life though.

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Distant Travels is probably on the same level as Adastra of Minotaur Hotel in terms of its writing. From the music to the likable and believable characters, to the stellar artwork and the pleasant dreamlike atmosphere, it's an experience :)


鈽狅笍 any new new's about the vn and are u doing ok 


I'm doing alright, just almost no time to work on hobby projects at the moment - can only squeeze in a few hours every weekend for now, which mostly goes to writing the rest of the game. Still working on this, sadly no update for now.
Thanks for checking in! /G

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Aw I am glad you're doing okay i wish you the best of luck  and don't worry to much about the vn, you just have to take your own time  and focus on yourself 

have a great day man 馃敟 馃構


So some questions and I'll be putting them below a spoiler tag because they are involved.


So first; did Rex die? Like the phrasing felt a little off and then it says 'passed out' but then his eyes get closed and I thought the blood was exclusively from the Commander but then people talk about him past tense and he has a very 'death flag' speech so I'm a wee confused.

Lighter note is there an 'intimate' Nick scene because there's a sprite option but idk how to unlock it if so.


Rex's fate is uncertain and depends on a few things, you'll have to see!
As for Nick's intimate scene, it was cut for now. It'll be readded once the rest of the game is done, as I found it too time consuming to write two parallel games (with/without Nick there) and I'm slow enough as it is :')

Fair enough. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something so thank you for clarifying.


You Okay man? 


It's pretty interesting, but maybe you should have called it differently then just "quantum entanglement"? Because what's described in the novel is not "classic" quantum entanglement. You could have called it "special quantum entanglement" or something.


In a way, yeah! But it's also something that the story touches on eventually x)


September update… maybe?? 


me looking for an update 馃馃 really enjoy the story in this one. 


ADORE EL JUEGO, sobre todo a rex 馃ぇ

espero que se pueda tener happy end con el nick Y PORFAVOR TAMBIEN CON REX LO AMO 馃棧馃敟

PD: muy buenos dise帽os de personajes e igualmente con la trama sigan haci y espero que saquen pronto una nueva actualizacion <3

time to replay


I just played the last update and I LOVE IT, tysm to you and all the team~ I have a huge crush on Mike sjkddsaj


WELP! Jhon is making some competition, i like Mike a lot but GODAMN JHON why is he so handsome, flirty, and a big softie he is all I could ask for!


lol, true!

Thanks for the comments Naxo, I remember you being around from the very very start.



Yeah, im not as active in discord anymore, mostly cuz life stuff BUT ill be always keeping an eye out, I love the vn~

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Don't think I didn't catch this, haha.
[I can't tell if the picture is there or not-]


No picture, and now I'm 10x as nervous

*jordan peele sweating gif*


It was the thing I sent in the discord server.
I dunno why it isn't working on here


I am really starting liking the game and I want to know when you are going to make updates to the game please and thank you?!



As it's almost completely a hobby project I've been unable to promise any update times for quite a while now. I do want to launch an update late July or early August though, barring nothing else happens with work etc.


Just joined the bandwagon and found out this wonderful VN. Wanted to say my praise words to you as well :)

Your work is like a fresh air after all those kinky and sex oriented VNs itch is flooded with. Great to see that you value steady relationship growth, romance and good plot over anything else. Keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words! While updates may take a while, this keeps me motivated. 

Deleted post

Thank you for the kind words, and the motivation! I'll be doing my best!

Oi people when we get update I want to know and where's the memories in game I want mike



Just picked this one up and finished the current content today and wanted to say I have been loving everything about this! The sprites, the music, and the writing and AHHH there isn't anything I don't love about this game. The story and writing is a high point for me. I'm also glad it's HumanxAntro, my favorite of the genre.  

Reading through the latest updates and comments, it's good to know you're recovering/recovered from IRL burnout. I'm glad to know another creator is taking the time to focus on their health instead of being pressed into rushing out updates and such. Please don't change that, I'm sure others would also agree that we are fine in waiting for updates. It also helps that the updates we did get are good in quality haha

Whether you decide to make the next update the full game (which I would assume would be a good while from releasing, which I personally would have no problem in waiting for) or doing updates when you can in small chunks, please don't feel guilty in doing  what you feel is right for you and whoever works under you. Hate to sound like a broken record but I have seen many games get abandoned by creators being pressured by the masses to do something they weren't comfortable in agreeing with and end up dropping the game from the backlash of undelivered promises. I really don't want to see that happen with this beloved game. 

Anyway, just wanted to say that from another fan loving everything about this! By the way, don't ever change John. He is by far my favorite and I just can't stop loving him 鉂わ笍  Can't wait to see how the relationship develops with our lovable badger! 

Thanks for the encouraging words!
I will definitely be finishing Distant Travels, regardless of the time it takes. I'll also be doing my best to do it in a way that keeps me healthy and sane.

Comments like this make me happy and encourages me to keep going, so thank you!


If you open a patreon, I will subscribe.

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That's one of the nicest things someone's ever said about my work!
I don't think I'll open one unless I can guarantee at least bi-monthly updates though.

But stiil we will that just how fantastic you are 馃構


I just wanted to say the game is absolutely amazing! the characters are refreshing and fun and the story is very nice to read. I hope youre doing well and i hope we will get an update soon!

Thank you! I appreciate it.


I have not played the entire game, but have there been discussion amongst the characters about how Arctos is governed?

There has been some of them giving their input, but no discussion out right in the current build.


Are there plans to make intimate scenes with Max?


Max won't have any NSFW Scenes. I've been toying with more personal scenes and make Max a non-romantic route, but if so that's once the rest of the game is finished.



Aw darn it, I really like him

(2 edits) (+2)

Why CG and BG art aren't as same as character art ? And they seem like very love winks 馃檭


Hi! It's a lot of art, and there's been a few different artists working with me on the project (Including art I've done myself) over the progress.
Recently Drakes offered to do all the character sprites to keep them consistent, but a rehaul of the backgrounds and CGs would simply be too much work for me to afford. 
Apart from me wanting to keep the CGs different artists have made for the game, I like the charm and it kind of makes me happy to have art from different friends in my game!



Oh, ok but one more thing. Can you make more role in the future like Rex he is interesting.馃槣

I'll keep that in mind ;)

(1 edit)

I will wait until you do that. And thank to "keep that in mind". 馃槤


Hey, Grunt. I hope you're doing well these days

Seeing how the last update was ~70 days ago, is there an estimated time for the upcoming story update ?

Not trying to rush you or anything like that. On the contrary, I would be very glad to wait patiently for an update as long as it takes to come. But I guess I'm just a curious kind of person 馃槄


Sadly not. I've focused a lot on my health instead of pushing updates etc. I do a lot of background work and thinking I might change directions and release pretty much the full game or so next time instead.

Only thing I can promise is that I'm still working on it!



In text history, pls don't make every letter to upper case :)


I'll see about adding a font toggle

it doesnt work in win 32bit , could you do a 32bit plugin or something ?

I'll create a separate 32 bit download for the next update. The reason I haven't for now is that it often seems to flag a false positive with ren'py


tks sir , i hope you have a good day , i love your art

Are the furry characters 7 feet tall, or are they shorter? They looked like they towered over the human characters.

They're a bit taller than your average human, but the human's shown on screen are also generally not tall for humans.
John is up there at 7ft, and he's probably the tallest.

(1 edit)

That's good to know. I would like to copy/create the furry character into my Fire Pro Wrestling World for my own use, if you allow it. Please?

Btw well done work with the Novel and the soundtrack. I also like the philosophical discussion with Rex and the others. That makes this Novel even more standout/special.

If you wish to publish anything then that's a different story, but since it's for personal use go ahead!


I need more!!!!! plz!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh man I forgot about the update D:
Hypee, can't wait to redo the whole game and see what changed!!


I'm really enjoying this, but I think I found a bug. I'm on chapter 3 of Mike's route and I'm at the part where you talk to him during a break at the observation deck, but the background keeps flashing between the actual background of space and just white nothingness.

Thanks for the report, I'll take a look! Are you on mobile or PC/MAC? Do you remember if you're on HighGFX or LowGFX (if you open the Preference menu it should say)

(1 edit)

Looking into this further it appears I'd flipped the decider for high/low gfx, which in turn loaded a transparent video on LowGFX mode for this scene; this can cause issues if with flashing white lights, especially on phones (which is where the possible flashing lights disclaimer comes from).

I've edited the transparent video for the next update to not ever flash completely white, but rather flash the stars. No way around the flashing, but hoping this will be less impactful. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I really appreciate it!

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