About delays


I'm sorry to not bring you the update today; it's still in the works and I'm still working on it.
The reason I'm writing this post is that you guys deserve an update, first of all: Thanks for waiting! I truly appreciate all the comments and feedback you guys give. It keeps me motivated to work on the project.

So; the problem has not been motivation or will. Rather just a lot of real life stuff happening all at once, which has left me drained of general energy. The way I recover sadly does not involve writing, since I generally focus very intensely whenever I write a chapter. It's generally a very in focus process for a week or two, and then a lot of time editing and fixing things, adding in images sound and whatnot. Without that energy I've instead been taking notes and polishing smaller parts while working on the game, as well as focusing on the code and planning.

I'm almost done with the "no energy" part of my life knock on wood, and the update has been progressing. I wanted to bring it out today, but it's simply not there.

So in short; I'm still alive, still working on the game. Still working on getting better on regular updates for you guys, but I value the story I want to tell too much to force something out. 

On better notes, one of the side effects is that this update is going to include some amazing art and music updates (by Camazule, of course!), a handful of amazingly drawn CGs by HugeCookie, character art by cheetah, a new character by HugeCookie, a new character by Ven and a lot of updated art assets with the help of Shin and the ever awesome Drakes, as well as a non-route specific amazing CG by the talented GigaSaddle (check out his VN here on itch, Pervader. It's one of my all time favorites!). This is not to mention the code improvements by Wattson. I'm sure I've forgotten even more improvements, but there'll be a changelog with the update.

With that said, I'll leave you with a song, and a promise to do my best to get the update to you soon.


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I don't mind to wait for good stuff, as I also been busy achieving my goals. Take care of yourself, and be safe!!!


bruhhhhh theres no pressure,pwp our love for our crushes that sadly dont exist,can wait


Take your time, mate. But more importantly, please take care of yourself. Your health is what's important.


Thank you all for all the kind words, it's really encouraging.




Take your time, and i hope that you are well, we can wait as long as you need dont rush yourself ok? also pls take care uwu


So I was looking for a patreon account for you and couldn't find one. If you don't have one and are doing this without pay, then you work at the speed you want, mate. It's nice to keep us informed, but you are under no obligation to work in a strict and grueling fashion at all. Look up David Frayne and Chris Carlsson, but tl;dr,  money is handy, but can suck the joy and soul out of some works due to pressures and obligations that money brings. It's why monetising a hobby can be a bad idea, you'll just grow to hate it. I'm not saying that you should or shouldn't make a patreon for this, but I am saying that this is your project and we get to enjoy it purely because you want us to. So take your time, do your best, and enjoy what you like to do. It's a good game, you've got us hooked, and you've even been so polite as to give us an update. We should have no problem waiting for what we know will be great!


Also who is -1 everyone's comments?


yeah i saw that too like what? they just sayin take his time cause shit happens. i came back to check the comments and saw mine had one and thought "well who cares i did rant a little" then saw some people who literally only said take your time its fine get the minus one, why?

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something about monetising a hobby, customers is what can make or break enjoying what you do. if they are impatient and don't understand how it works and scream about finishing it quickly the product suffers and if they then complain about the rushed product it makes things even worse depending on the person, like how some sellers/people who make stuff would understand that it was the customer because they got rushed by the customer and couldn't make a good product due to stress and the demands on the consumer, and normally offer a refund or like half of it back because it was rushed. would be understandable not to give a refund in some cases if the person was extremely rude or rude in a general amount too but like only if you can cover your ass and not get screwed legally. but on the side of people, some might think its not the customer but them who messed up and be overly kind and apologetic because of the result due to them comparing to others who did it quicker better and other things when it was just a hobby before and now someone is demanding they work like a pro when they sometimes just started, only do it for fun or have a different job they know ten times better and need for survival they focused on to again survive. but where there's bad there's good because sometimes you get really nice customers who understand the process and won't rush you or nice customer's who are just nice and understand things take time, like a lot of the people who made comments on this update supporting the creator because he had things happen that he couldn't control and decided to update us about it. anything involving money sadly is only controlled by other people and that's how you can learn to hate or enjoy it.

TLDR because this is a big wall of text, people are what make making money suck or actually pretty fun.


dont work yourself up about delays too much. as we all says all the time "Take your time !".  i will take this opportuny to add that i think relations ships in the game seems to go quite fast ^^'. Sry for my english i m french ;)


OMG YOU UPDATE YOUR FANBASE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'M PART OF FAN-GIRLING OVER SOMETHING THAT GIVES A SHIT ABOUT IT'S FANS!! You go, creator-san T_T T_T Good luck recovering, take all the time you need. I'll still be here!!


stuff happens, everything is fine and we all hope you end up ok :D

the update is going to be amazing when it comes out but if we force you to make it when you dont want to you could end up resenting us and the project making your work less..... you, so that is also another reason to not rush you. so moral is do not rush yourself or force yourself to do things you dont feel you should and take your time! we can wait a century! i did wait 3 years for a single comic to update. which forced me to learn patience and also every other game i play is in development and silksong has yet to come out and i need to wait for that and overwatch 2 is also coming sometime so i gotta wait for that to list a couple things ive been waiting a long time for. these days patience is something we pretty much all need or we wont last, so as i said like four times in this comment, be safe and take your time :)


Don't worry about it life will always throw curve balls so it not a problem as long as your well.


quality over quantity. take all the time you need Grunt we can wait :3.