0.5.1 - Small fixes

Fixing a few small issues with this update (*knock on wood*) and adding in the CG at the end of the chapter for Mike's route properly (go check the gallery if you already unlocked it!) as well ass fixing some spelling mistakes.

If you still experience Rex's side sprite popping up when it shouldn't, please give me a heads up and I'll look into changing the way his image is handled.


DistantTravels-0.5-pc.zip 310 MB
May 16, 2021
DistantTravels-0.5-linux.tar.bz2 295 MB
May 16, 2021
DistantTravels-0.5-mac.zip 297 MB
May 16, 2021
com.distanttravels-5-universal-release.apk 318 MB
May 16, 2021

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So I am not a game programmer...and I hate pointing out errors because I feel like I'm being critical so keep in mind that I'm not...but I just began chapter 3 and the main character is on the plane flight back to see Julia and Nick is with him even though I didn't bring Nick along with me for the trip. Basically I'm the only one that applied for the job. Is that an error or is that supposed to happen?

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Hi! It's an error on my part, I changed a flag and forgot to change the earlier flag as well. It'll be fixed in coming updates.
The scene/story difference is that the scene really just doesn't include any reflection with Nick at all. Thanks for the bug report!


So this isn’t the Charles and John 0.5.1 update but just a fix to the original 0.5? Sorry if that seems like a dumb question when it’s in the title but just checking😣

It's just a small fix for Mike's route and general issues.
I'll make it clear in the title when it's time for Charles & John :)


I don't know if I got this bug fix version or the previous version, however, Mike's dialog sprite is going shirtless at times.  My first encounter is when he tells the player what happened to his homeworld and the other time is when you hang out with him for dinner.

Ah, that's my bad. Missed those lines while reworking his code. Fixed for the next batch of fixes, thanks!