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I just wanted to drop in and give you all an update on the current plan moving forward.

I recently worked on a side project with my friend Drakes, and to say that it was a learning experience would be an understatement.

Both as a developer and a writer I learned more than a few things, and thus I want to touch on a few points of feedback.

The result is that I'll be rewriting / redoing the current version of DT. It should not delay the 0.5 chapter by a lot, but it'll add a few days.

In short this is the plan:

- More expressions for characters by Camazule and Ven, and the introduction of sprites by HugeCookie in the 0.5 chapter.

- A few more tracks, hopefully personalized for each main character, by Camazule of course. As well as replacing all the externally sourced music tracks with custom ones for DT.

- A full code rework, composite images, transforms, better visual aspects and animations by.. a ton. Lots of optimizations as well.


- Slowing down the romance by.. a lot.

- More light hearted interludes where applicable. 

As such, scenes will change. When I release the update, I'll give you a short recap of what has been changed for those who don't want to replay anything.

Aside from this, there's a ton of internal dev to-do for everyone involved, but I don't feel like I should share all of that before the update is done.

Take care everyone, see you when the February update is due.

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Huh, that's actually pretty conveniently timed. I was getting ready to restart Distant Travels since going through my VN backlog caused me to kinda lose the plot, but I guess I'll hold off until next update if things are going to be re-written anyway