Version 0.4 - Taking off!


This time there are a lot of changes. The game code has more than doubled.


I've been asked to start a discord server and a patreon.
You can find the discord server here, and the patreon here. Keep in mind that there are not a lot of patreon specific benefits, and it is there to mostly support the artists that help realize this project.

First, the GFX that caused some android devices to have issues has turned into a setting.
If you find that you are lagging or your game is crashing when there's an extra animation (such as falling snow), disable the GFX in the preferences menu.

There's also a quick start option, which lets you start a new save and make all choices in quick succession, then picks up at the latest update.
There's always some updated previous dialogue, so if something seems out of order please let me know.

The Quick Menu (up top, in game) on Android is now larger. Please let me know if you are still having issues clicking it, as I could not replicate the issue on my devices. There is also a HIDE UI button for Android.

There is a code revision coming in 0.4.1 or 0.5, with the help of the awesome Wattson.


There has been a ton of spriting work.

In this update we're introducing;
John, Nick, Max, Dave, Ed and Julia and a few extra sprites you might notice. As well as resizing and some minor edits to every single sprite.

John is by Ven and the rest are by Cheetah.

There has also been *a lot* of work behind the scenes, including two full upcoming characters whose sprites are not in the game yet.

Music and Sound

Camazule has made some tracks for the novel. Currently there are six! tracks by Camazule. 

And, this is where the story picks up. Expect more.. action, from now on.
And for a final note, there are bound to be errors in an update this big. Please report them if you find them. Much love!

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